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i can't click play, the button is underneath the logo


Finished the game and it was great. Just a very small inconvenience is that the really long program lines are blurred at the edges making it a little awkward to look at. Its just a very small inconvenience though.


Very nice!


This is a lot of fun! It would be really cool if you kept building it and made it 2d! like.... moves in 4 directions, and attacks in 4 directions!


Great game! This has lots of little mechanics to master over time, which is really interesting. The game feel is on point, but you may want to think about turning down the post processing a bit. Overall, great game! I really enjoyed it.


Nice game!

It has a great "Eureka!" moment when you understand how it works.

Nice! Thank you for this comment!
That's what I hoped for and I'm really happy it works!


Great game! Though you might have overdone it with the postproceesing^^

The levels were nice, teaching the player how the things work without words. I also like that there is multiple uses for the sword (pushing bombs, killing mobs).

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Thanks for your feedbacks! I'm glad you liked it!

(There is never too much postprocess!)